The ALIEN MOTHERSHIP in Fortnite Season 7 - Will we see an ALIEN LIVE EVENT? 

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The ALIEN MOTHERSHIP is still in Fortnite - Will we see an ALIEN LIVE EVENT?

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8 jun 2021



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MeecheClapz 13 dagar sedan
I didn't play all last season because last season sucked, it didn't feel like fortnite
Mr. Builder
Mr. Builder 14 dagar sedan
Video idea: can you reach the mothership in fortnite?
Seacast rider
Seacast rider 13 dagar sedan
I can glitch in replay mode
KillerKingKevin 14 dagar sedan
Maybe if someone glitches through
ihatemylife 44
ihatemylife 44 14 dagar sedan
You cant (edit) nvm you can
Mattew Dominguez
Mattew Dominguez 14 dagar sedan
Water 14 dagar sedan
Holy crap
Speedy 14 dagar sedan
Yep. I am pretty sure we're getting a live event because I don't think it's gonna stay up there for the rest of the season.
Mr. Not Stonks
Mr. Not Stonks 13 dagar sedan
Just like the rift from chapter 1 season 5
Hi sisters
Hi sisters 14 dagar sedan
@Kolache imfao
Kolache 14 dagar sedan
Imagine if runs out of battery and just falls down on top of the island and kill everyone. *Fortnite's credits roll*
IQ Has Hacks
IQ Has Hacks 14 dagar sedan
Hey did you stay up for the new season
Praky Blind Gaming
Praky Blind Gaming 13 dagar sedan
I didnt need to it was day time for me in pakistan
Did Sypher tell the truth?