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God Gamer
God Gamer 10 timmar sedan
hinah sadaf
hinah sadaf 10 timmar sedan
'08:15' 🤣 So many weird stuff tho, but only *D A D Y A P P *' 👌 is wrking in 2021 💛
%SOCIALLY% %AKWARD% 10 timmar sedan
I'm disappointed
xMoz2K6 10 timmar sedan
(No Hate) I kinda don’t like your name, when abbreviated it has the same name as a racial hate group
Trevin Begaye
Trevin Begaye 10 timmar sedan
There was no live event it was just that they added that in for challenge
Manuel Gamer33
Manuel Gamer33 10 timmar sedan
it was not the live event, it was on 9 am
Jason 10 timmar sedan
You were in the wrong area it was insane
crackdrak 11 timmar sedan
damn was thay the event?
gamer Boi 42245
gamer Boi 42245 11 timmar sedan
They better add a built-in twerking emote for thanos
SkorFox 11 timmar sedan
You were supposed to go into the spaceship and it would take you to the mothership.
Nati R9
Nati R9 11 timmar sedan
LOL theres no live event and you thought there was. Did you EVEN GET THAT YOU CAN GET ABDUCTED INTO THE SHIP
Aaron Petrovich
Aaron Petrovich 11 timmar sedan
This video was a waste of my life
gregorz123 1
gregorz123 1 11 timmar sedan
I was in school
Styles 11 timmar sedan
I want Midas Jules and crystal
Mariano Borgini
Mariano Borgini 11 timmar sedan
2000 pesos por mes para este canal de mierda que nos dan diamantes cada mes lpm
Mariano Borgini
Mariano Borgini 11 timmar sedan
casco feo
Mariano Borgini
Mariano Borgini 11 timmar sedan
Gamboa _
Gamboa _ 11 timmar sedan
bro you missed it you were supposed to go over where the ship was 😂
Darkie genocide
Darkie genocide 11 timmar sedan
No you were not so if it was that mean you can do the event over and over again you missed it lol
liam. woodz
liam. woodz 11 timmar sedan
if i have the option, i’m definitely skipping superman
EDITZ X9X 11 timmar sedan
You were supposed to get sucked up an loot for 15 seconds that was what the mini event was for I’m pretty sure
ZeroKnight 11 timmar sedan
No, that can happen in any game now.
Ceke 11 timmar sedan
no it wasn't
KillerKingKevin 11 timmar sedan
To the people saying there was an event, there was no "Live Event" they used this to just enable the challenges! Sadness 😢
Tommy Ramirez
Tommy Ramirez 11 timmar sedan
You were supposed to go in the UFO💀
rearflash gaming
rearflash gaming 11 timmar sedan
Yes there was your sopposed to get taken by the ufo
Tahj T
Tahj T 11 timmar sedan
Aiite silver Rick,zyg and sunny are worth grinding for as well as the prismatic Rick, zyg, sunny and Dr.Slone. The golden styles are jus meh I don't know y they keep adding all gold skins they don't look good. Default mask on Guggimon is jus the best style for him the extra styles jus look weird on him.
The drifter
The drifter 11 timmar sedan
That’s not the event it what it does when it sucks people up
Alex Croft
Alex Croft 11 timmar sedan
There was no event
Jadiel Garcia
Jadiel Garcia 11 timmar sedan
Ur suppose to go inside the ship lol
Brotatoe 12 timmar sedan
Of course nothing happened you were probably meant to be abducted
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 12 timmar sedan
Pretty sure it’s on soon but
Certified Fact Check True FDA Approved Bruh Moment
This event was dryer than a 12 count popeyes biscuit meal with no drink during a heatwave in Florida
Me Memz
Me Memz 10 timmar sedan
I thought it wasn't an event
xd Snakes
xd Snakes 10 timmar sedan
xd Snakes
xd Snakes 10 timmar sedan
Snipez on aim assist
Snipez on aim assist 10 timmar sedan
Well it wasn’t a live event so
Yo Doggo
Yo Doggo 12 timmar sedan
Superman is the secret skin so he won't be battle stars
THUNDER 12 timmar sedan
Ima be snapping my fingers after Winning a match as thanos
Anur Palalija
Anur Palalija 12 timmar sedan
Eventi in Europa is on 21:00 tonight
Anur Palalija
Anur Palalija 10 timmar sedan
@inter v 16 21 teust my
inter v 16
inter v 16 11 timmar sedan
15 not 21
Cυɾυƚ ɱαɾσ
Cυɾυƚ ɱαɾσ 11 timmar sedan
GalacticNova 12 timmar sedan
This event was shit
Sebastian Benítez
Sebastian Benítez 11 timmar sedan
@yzix_x ikr yesterday i when bed at 10am instead of 11am and i woke up at 6am in the morning and what to we get in believer beach nothing
yzix_x 11 timmar sedan
And we got nothing "my disappointment is mesreble and my day is ruined"
yzix_x 11 timmar sedan
@Sebastian Benítez dude there wasn't any event, i stayed for 4am just to watch the event
Sebastian Benítez
Sebastian Benítez 11 timmar sedan
@yzix_x i know you are joking
yzix_x 11 timmar sedan
What do you mean it was the best event in history of fortnite!
Kudamusu Holliday
Kudamusu Holliday 12 timmar sedan
I want thanos, summer Brutus, summer Midas then I’ll be happy
Bullseye Gaming
Bullseye Gaming 12 timmar sedan
When will the spray from the tournament be given out? I got 8 points but don't have the spray yet
xXSuper LayneXx
xXSuper LayneXx 11 timmar sedan
I got the beast boy spray about a month after the tournament
Bullseye Gaming
Bullseye Gaming 11 timmar sedan
@Eyllifrey Lasdle hope you're right!
Bullseye Gaming
Bullseye Gaming 11 timmar sedan
@Eyllifrey Lasdle hope you're right!
Eyllifrey Lasdle
Eyllifrey Lasdle 11 timmar sedan
Tomorrow if everything alright.
Wendy’s Wings
Wendy’s Wings 12 timmar sedan
Nothing happened because you didn’t do anything LMAO
Brotatoe 12 timmar sedan
Hoppie426TheGamer 12 timmar sedan
The time was for the challenges it wasn’t for a live event
Stop Motion Studios
Stop Motion Studios 11 timmar sedan
I set my alarm for the event but when I woke up I forgot about it and hit snooze :/
Sebastian Benítez
Sebastian Benítez 11 timmar sedan
I thought that we would have a mine event because i woke up at 6am in the morning
Minceraft 11 timmar sedan
Man thanks, i have bad wifi and it wouldve sucked that i missed the event
CODE ASH PIKACHU 12 timmar sedan
Yeah but the Twitter literally said to be at believer at 9 am they should have done something
Davyen Magnus
Davyen Magnus 12 timmar sedan
bruh they could at least make him use the gauntlet as a pickaxe and glider
Light Vision
Light Vision 11 timmar sedan
@Davyen Magnus yeah or made his gauntlet make a force bubble around him. Like in the comics.
Davyen Magnus
Davyen Magnus 12 timmar sedan
@AyeDefaulty yes thanos could use either space or reality stone to fly around (or even mind stone like vision did)
AyeDefaulty 12 timmar sedan
MapMan496 MAP
MapMan496 MAP 12 timmar sedan
This event was epic lol
Saasta la Vista
Saasta la Vista 11 timmar sedan
@The Identifiers This wasnt a live event season four to five sucks
Paula Bastos
Paula Bastos 11 timmar sedan
@The Identifiers nah its still good
The Identifiers
The Identifiers 11 timmar sedan
@Vladislav The Poker you missed out on old fortnite, this game sucks now
Vladislav The Poker
Vladislav The Poker 12 timmar sedan
My first fortnite event, just started playing this game this month and im confuse at best lol
pb kj
pb kj 13 timmar sedan
i love this update, best new skins, best updated skins, best new skins, best new updated emotes ane bundles!
BABI 13 timmar sedan
Squidgy 13 timmar sedan
Y es, thx for everithing!!!
Stancinatti 11 timmar sedan
Paulbooya lolol
Paulbooya lolol 13 timmar sedan
This looks sick
Hu taos
Hu taos 13 timmar sedan
Morena Rivera
Morena Rivera 13 timmar sedan
Jonathan Linderman
Jonathan Linderman 13 timmar sedan
He’s so short and fat I might just get him for the back bling
Mariano Borgini
Mariano Borgini 11 timmar sedan
estoy de acuerdo
Light Vision
Light Vision 11 timmar sedan
Wtf r u on my guy? It’s exactly like him. Just because he ain’t giant sized? Smh…
Ahaan Dhingra
Ahaan Dhingra 13 timmar sedan
Yo I didn’t know about this thanks
private terry
private terry 13 timmar sedan
Will thanos cost 1500 or 2000
Icepts yt
Icepts yt 11 timmar sedan
@Eyllifrey Lasdle yup! Same but hopefully it costs 2000, if that happens there would be a chance of thanos coming with a pickaxe!
@private terry hahaha lol, I live that skin, IDK because of the design or the memes
private terry
private terry 11 timmar sedan
@Eyllifrey Lasdle we all smart here also I found a way to cheese the summer quests
Eyllifrey Lasdle
Eyllifrey Lasdle 11 timmar sedan
All Marvel's skin are 1 500 (except for those who have a pickaxe include) so I think Thanos will be 1 500 but I saved 2 000 just in case :)
fAt bAgofChips!
fAt bAgofChips! 13 timmar sedan
streamers compete for the skin just not to use it ):<
Simp Hunter
Simp Hunter 13 timmar sedan
Yeah exactly people sweat so hard to flex there skins for less than a week and then regret doing the cup
elmigferoz xd
elmigferoz xd 14 timmar sedan
One question, this skin have pickaxe?
Mariano Borgini
Mariano Borgini 10 timmar sedan
@JULIAN IGNACIO FALCONI ALVAREZ para vos no tuvo sentido
@Mariano Borgini tu sarcasmo no tuvo sentido, entonces te gusta la skin o que wera?
@elmigferoz xd no mames hahaha hablas español
elmigferoz xd
elmigferoz xd 11 timmar sedan
@Mariano Borgini tampoco es eso
Mariano Borgini
Mariano Borgini 11 timmar sedan
@JULIAN IGNACIO FALCONI ALVAREZ por eso lo puse no sabes lo que es el sarcasmo salame o te tienen que explicar cuando es sarcasmo y cuando no
MapMan496 MAP
MapMan496 MAP 14 timmar sedan
Dang he’s kinda a thiccc boi
PrincessSlush 14 timmar sedan
its not the same as the old days its a bit disapointing
Oscar Guzmán
Oscar Guzmán 14 timmar sedan
Thanks for the content. Was looking forward to know if he's the same size as the LTM, but he's small now so I'm not buying it 😂
Sir Detergent
Sir Detergent 11 timmar sedan
Idk man, he’s bigger than venom, so he is pretty big
Light Vision
Light Vision 11 timmar sedan
What do u expect? U really wanted him giant sized? I don’t get u people it’s exactly like the movie just sized down. U would of been as such a big disadvantage.
Allie 13 timmar sedan
I like smaller skins
piece cntrl salty
piece cntrl salty 14 timmar sedan
he would have been a disadvantage if he where that size and all fortnite skins are pretty much the same size so i dont think epic would create a skin thats way bigger than the others
Shazam0310 14 timmar sedan
Gameplay jules playera!!
Minutewave 14 timmar sedan