Prenumerera 55tn
Hi, I make all types of gaming videos that are entertaining and helpful.
More Foxy
More Foxy 14 timmar sedan
I need this!!!
Hardik Choudhary
Hardik Choudhary 15 timmar sedan
Water H2o
Water H2o 15 timmar sedan
Will we get the Batman skin later on without getting the comics?
Cinder Ashburn
Cinder Ashburn 16 timmar sedan
i'm in Canada idk how to get it
Cinder Ashburn
Cinder Ashburn 16 timmar sedan
I dunno where to go or idk if I can even order anything
I TRIGGER PEOPLE 17 timmar sedan
It's cool but what's not cool is when you subscribe and don't get the code
Andrew Dominate
Andrew Dominate 17 timmar sedan
U... go... to a comic shop...
Festive 17 timmar sedan
md3vmc 17 timmar sedan
Batman the fortnite guy zero point
YouTube Xavier
YouTube Xavier 17 timmar sedan
Nice bro
Dee Larios
Dee Larios 17 timmar sedan
Ima get Harley Quinn Today :D
Servexi 17 timmar sedan
Savory 17 timmar sedan
FEERR FN 18 timmar sedan
Or can just buy on Amazon
Search 20 timmar sedan
If I buy the comic book on Apple Books will I get the codes
Deez nutz 69
Deez nutz 69 19 timmar sedan
Gaven 20 timmar sedan
I bought the membership, and i read the comic, but i havent gotten the code sent to me
Chase Folsom
Chase Folsom 16 timmar sedan
Juan Sarceno
Juan Sarceno 17 timmar sedan
Same happened to me :c Plz let me know if you get a solution...<3
Sefa Ammar
Sefa Ammar 20 timmar sedan
Nice indo gk ada comic store 😌👏 bravo fortnite bravo
Myst Svan
Myst Svan 20 timmar sedan
yoooo thanks
Kuba Z tv
Kuba Z tv 21 timme sedan
it works with VPN?
Super G
Super G 22 timmar sedan
Has anyone had problems cause I am having a problem
sir pineapple
sir pineapple 22 timmar sedan
I'm from the uk so I cant get the comic 😔
Nintendo Fan_boi
Nintendo Fan_boi 21 timme sedan
Kuba Z tv
Kuba Z tv 21 timme sedan
@Nintendo Fan_boi works?
Nintendo Fan_boi
Nintendo Fan_boi 22 timmar sedan
Eloy 23 timmar sedan
Hiiii gevin
David Dixon
David Dixon 23 timmar sedan
Thank you for this I’m planning on buying it
Professional idiot
I’m most excited for the Deathstroke skin
does anyone know where to get the comic in arizona? 
Test Mail
Test Mail Dag sedan
i had expectations to get a free skin but the processor i had was the Intel Core i5 10210U which was not there in the list rip:(
marvello Santoaji
In mine Lara Croft doesnt sells the grappler bow😩
SPEEDgang 616-TG
Marshmello was last seen 2 years ago
Jonathan labib
Jonathan labib Dag sedan
Sunil velhal
Sunil velhal Dag sedan
When some has the high ground Me : not today
Vercetti Dag sedan
Peter griffin skin??
Gaming Highlights
Fortnite endgame nostalgia 😌
Lost Kr9pt
Lost Kr9pt Dag sedan
That’s what I thought I thought it was gonna be infinite arrows but nope It’s really good with an Smg though
Bader Albader
Bader Albader Dag sedan
Rob Fuentes
Rob Fuentes Dag sedan
finally the new bow
babbas stora pung
Sebastian Higgins
"3:54" *RYZAPP.COM** 📌 thanks appreciated 垃圾。
Jitendra Desai
Jitendra Desai 21 timme sedan
This is an excellent quick and useful method, simple and easy steps.
ItsTrooper •-•
I have Marshmallows dances but I’m happy for him to be returning cause he truly is a good skin
Pects Dag sedan
you can't buy it Canada, you can only get digital copy, unless you want to wait until september
Fluffy Owl
Fluffy Owl Dag sedan
if i buy it digitally from dccomics am i gonna get the code?
Nintendo Fan_boi
Nintendo Fan_boi 21 timme sedan
@ツbummmher nah, it will send u an email for the code..just for the free trial
ツbummmher 21 timme sedan
yeah but not on the free trial, u have to pay monthly to get the code free trial will only let u read it
Nintendo Fan_boi
Nintendo Fan_boi 22 timmar sedan
Yes, when u get the free trial u get a email with the code
Sebazz914 Dag sedan
No. Only dc universe
Laura Chambers
Laura Chambers Dag sedan
yeh i think so
HydroXify Dag sedan
I will still get the code if I buy the digital kindle version right?
xDr_Beastx Dag sedan
It says you don't so prob not
Md. Mahfuz Hossain
Will I get all the codes and issues if I subscribe to dc universe once or do I have to keep subscribing untill all issues and codes get released? Or, if I subscribe after all those issues and codes get released, will I get every codes? Please anyone clear my confusion. I need help.
Md. Mahfuz Hossain
@chaelliam atlas Will I get all 6 codes if I subscribe for 1 month?
chaelliam atlas
chaelliam atlas Dag sedan
Yes u get the codes as a member of infinite the information on how to get the codes is on the app
MR -_- G4M3R
MR -_- G4M3R Dag sedan
If I buy kindle version can I get skin?
Dark Knight Of Justice
So if I buy the hardcover on amazon will I get the full series and all the codes? I’m so confused lol.
OwO Daniel
OwO Daniel Dag sedan
I'm not sure but if u live in the us u should get the code if u dont u wont
Dark Knight Of Justice
@OwO Daniel also it says the hardcover has 144 pages... which I don’t think one issue is 144 pages
Dark Knight Of Justice
@OwO Daniel my only concern with that is why wait till September 7th for one issue? Because on amazon it says September 7th which I found to be odd considering everything was pointing towards April- July
OwO Daniel
OwO Daniel Dag sedan
u only get the code for that book there 6 diffrent ones which one u buy u get
KratosX24 Dag sedan
Does anyone knows how can i get the code in Infinity DC? I've read the comic 2 times and i didn't get any code. I already pay the month. I don't have the trial version.
Chase Folsom
Chase Folsom 14 timmar sedan
@creeky hopefully
creeky 14 timmar sedan
@Chase Folsom same I’ve been trying since 6 am but oh well hopefully they’ll send it tomorrow
Chase Folsom
Chase Folsom 16 timmar sedan
Weird. I don’t have the code either and I did everything
creeky 19 timmar sedan
@KratosX24 im not in trial and i did send support an email but they still haven’t responded. i think i just have to wait because of how many people are doing are doing this right now
KratosX24 20 timmar sedan
@creeky be sure you are not in a trial versión, first And if you are not in trial, then send a message to support, tell them you read the issue and you haven't receive your code.
Yuhboisleepy Gaming
Does anyone know how I am supposed to get the code from dc infinite like it says it will take 15mins to send but it’s been 15mins
KratosX24 Dag sedan
I dont have the trial, i already pay the month. I had to send a email to support yesterday because i wanted to get charged and end my trial and they did it. I already pay 7,99.
Yuhboisleepy Gaming
@KratosX24 yeah I’ve literally been looking and I’ve been subscribed to the app for a while now
0cel Dag sedan
@KratosX24 Doesn't work with free trial sadly if u payed then idk
KratosX24 Dag sedan
Same here, I've read the comic 2 times lol, and i haven't received anything, i don't even know where to find, i don't know if i have to search on my email or where?
Haydon Hardy
Haydon Hardy Dag sedan
"0:02" You all really need to check *𝗥𝗬𝗭𝗔𝗣𝗣.𝗖𝗢𝗠* 📁, it worked for me (垃圾)
asangi thenkutti de silva
great great!
Lone Kanne-Hansen
Yes bro it really works
LackOrClap Dag sedan
Wait so Kevin you're telling me once I become a member for the DC comics I get a email that sends me a code through my email and if so if I become a member do I need to buy the book still or do I get it already as soon as I become a member
LackOrClap 22 timmar sedan
@chaelliam atlas Ik i got it in the end
chaelliam atlas
chaelliam atlas Dag sedan
Ur supposed to get it as a member I read it where if u downloaded the comic book ur supposed to get an email it'll take about 15 minutes that's what I read on the app
Aapin Dag sedan
I have a question: If i buy the digital / kindle version, do I get the skin? Or do I have to buy the regular paper copy???
Skull Gaming
Skull Gaming Dag sedan
You have to buy the regular because if you do have kindle it will release tomorrow the skin but if you don’t have kindle version then buy regular but it will take till September but I’m still preordering it
Greg Madron
Greg Madron 2 dagar sedan
"3:13" nah. too much to do to even bother. *RYZAPP.COM'* 👍 fine tho 垃圾
Gapple 2 dagar sedan
I own at least 1 thing from every set
Knackfnr 2 dagar sedan
How did you get the code? Email? Nice Video great help!
HowDoYouDo 42
HowDoYouDo 42 2 dagar sedan
Good thing I bought the whole travis scott set when it first came out
LordAaronus 2 dagar sedan
never heard of Major Lazer tho
joking Games
joking Games 2 dagar sedan
She has captian marvel she doesnt need the tree skin and loserfruits dance not hers
Sparkydino 14 timmar sedan
Looser fruits dance is in her skin bundle glitter just the emote she uses a lot does it say it’s apart of the looser fruit bundle no!
TDMChase 2 dagar sedan
I have all of them exept Travis Scott
Fire Brothers
Fire Brothers 2 dagar sedan
Travis Scott and Astro jack and marshmallow and major lazar should come on that date to celebrate the cross over with Spotify it would make sense
Fire Brothers
Fire Brothers 2 dagar sedan
It makes sense because the Spotify cross over is on the 22nd
EggGuitar 2 dagar sedan
"0:39" lol shmeless comments. People don’t believe this crap. *RYZAPP.COM** 👈 is legit tho 垃圾
Sir Jiffy
Sir Jiffy 2 dagar sedan
Earth Day is on the 22nd so we may see the new Eco outfit as well
Eduardo Riquelme
Eduardo Riquelme 2 dagar sedan
idols bundle (Travis,Marshmello,Major Lazer) and new character from Earth day? Epic
Gamer Ben
Gamer Ben 2 dagar sedan
Can i buy the comic from Walmart?
Skull Gaming
Skull Gaming Dag sedan
Only on online stores
Eva H
Eva H 2 dagar sedan
Favorite skin is Sunbird🧡 And yes I wanna play with you Brie!😍