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Hi, I make all types of gaming videos that are entertaining and helpful.
Hadden Blake
Hadden Blake 2 timmar sedan
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يوسف دراكون
يوسف دراكون 3 timmar sedan
It looks like *Spremify* is the only real web app for free premium.
Piers O'Sullivan
Piers O'Sullivan 3 timmar sedan
"1:58" So many weird stuff tho, but only *𝑹𝒀𝒁𝑨𝑷𝑷.𝑪𝑶𝑴* 📁 is wrking in 2021 (垃圾)
Pãtél_ Ssjk9
Pãtél_ Ssjk9 6 timmar sedan
Wow it worked
rosaria harris
rosaria harris 7 timmar sedan
"0:23"After wasting time on different sites, a friend of mine recommended *𝘿𝘼𝘿𝙔𝘼𝙋𝙋.𝘾𝙊𝙈* and it worked perfectly for me
elaine murphy
elaine murphy 8 timmar sedan
thx for this my dad would kill me if i cant stop
ninjabat and fazeswayjr
ninjabat and fazeswayjr 10 timmar sedan
Ub bj xuj
Constant Russell
Constant Russell 13 timmar sedan
"3:07" I would stick to *𝗥𝗬𝗭𝗔𝗣𝗣.𝗖𝗢𝗠* 👌 that's where we get ours 垃圾。
rat_ pwn
rat_ pwn 13 timmar sedan
This is a collab
Scott Carlson
Scott Carlson 15 timmar sedan
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Thiccdoggo Doggo
D3M1G0D Dag sedan
Even though I don't play Fortnite myself, I'm definitely looking forward to the day they will be making a deal because I believe TheMeatly deserves it
BENDY TIKTOK 18 minuter sedan
Mans spent a day messing with ppl on Twitter 💀 his final message before he got rid of it was. “Fortnite seems to possibly want bendy. We could have talked about this”
Iieururu Dag sedan
Can you please gift me the skin
Herb Andrus
Herb Andrus Dag sedan
"3:41" I've always got mine from *𝙍𝙔𝙕𝘼𝙋𝙋.𝘾𝙊𝙈* 📌 垃圾
Lucas Dag sedan
That paint is ink
eyezl Dag sedan
Great, another game ruined. Thanks epic :)
BENDY TIKTOK 16 minuter sedan
@Secret Agent Karve they could in a later date themeatly left a comment saying fortnite may want bendy in their game on April 24th
Secret Agent Karve
They arnt collabing dingus
Jasmin a_08
Jasmin a_08 Dag sedan
hey can i still redeem it i barley bought it rn and i didn’t get no code
Aleem Fj
Aleem Fj Dag sedan
Yo, for those who wish to get free premium, you may get them from Spremify.
EPIC_bendy Dag sedan
Unfortunately it has been confirmed to be toon meowcicles, but if there is a batim skin I will probably return to fortnite.
BENDY TIKTOK 15 minuter sedan
@EPIC_bendy I mean bendy could come the meatly said something on April 24th and said “fortnite seems to be hinting they want bendy in the game” cuz fortnite has been making many ink related outfits latley
EPIC_bendy 12 timmar sedan
And tbh the emote and the music doesn't fit the character
hinata shoyou
hinata shoyou Dag sedan
There is
Bob Middleton
Bob Middleton Dag sedan
"3:10" lol it’s too difficult, won’t even bother myself. *𝘙𝘠𝘡𝘈𝘗𝘗.𝘊𝘖𝘔* ⏪ much easier 垃圾
Linda mcphee
Linda mcphee 13 timmar sedan
Yeah thats true
md3vmc Dag sedan
Next skin is gonna be from the 20s but not 1920 I mean just 20 next skin is a cafe man
IcDragonPlayz Dag sedan
This is obviously from bendy. It evens starts like it
Zxro 08
Zxro 08 Dag sedan
i want but I cant get it sad in the club
LaZy1709 Dag sedan
Please gift it to me please
@LaZy1709 oh ok
LaZy1709 Dag sedan
I play fornight too
LaZy1709 Dag sedan
Can you gift it to me
Guillaume Paquin
This makes me want to wear meowscules again and is it just me or the built in emote should be in the 1930’s style kind of music
Fierce 2k
Fierce 2k Dag sedan
Guillaume Paquin
Is it just me or seeing this makes me feel like wearing the original meowscules again?
sharkd3stroy3r btw
I know what game they copied that idc tho
I like cats
I like cats Dag sedan
Ah yes epic games ripping off a small dev and his small game barely Giving any money to him guys wake up it is a greedy cash grab
Secret Agent Karve
How is making an outfit based on old cartoons ripping off a character. That’s just like saying the same thing for bendy, bendy could be a Mickey Mouse clone using that logic. The white gloves and white boots are a signature style for old cartoon characters, it was used to cut down on costs so they could be more easily animated
Kingnugget545 Dag sedan
foxes foxy
foxes foxy Dag sedan
anyone can gift meh a battle pass
TWIZZLER Dag sedan
What about Peely
Mr 644
Mr 644 Dag sedan
Fortnite is using a art style is called rubber hose it's a old fashioned animation there is no correlation for bendy just in case for people who gets confused. I'm not trying to say your spring rumors are stuff I'm just trying to say what was the style was besides I would love to see our bendy x fortnite
Secret Agent Karve
I would love to see that, but I feel like cuphead is mildly more likely. Also I completely agree, there is no correlation. The idea of a character being covered in a substance and transformed has been used so many times like with venom for example. Rubber hose is also indeed what is going on here, he is supposed to reference the cartoon cat, not the creepy one, I’m talking about the first cartoon character
Hallownest Dag sedan
1:33 Hey dude, I think you used the wrong clip. I believe everyone thinks there is a bendy collab because he looks more similar to the Ink Demon Bendy (3D Bendy) found in the Bendy and The Ink Machine Game, especially because he is a cat being covered in thick ink, not the regular form. In the game there were also collectible canned beans, so even if he doesn't turn out to be bendy, it seems that this is definitely referencing it.
Hallownest 23 timmar sedan
@Secret Agent Karve He is, but I'm just listing why everyone thought it was going to be bendy in the first place
Secret Agent Karve
He’s actually being used to reference the old cartoon of that one cat, the first cartoon character
Layne Shaver
Layne Shaver 2 dagar sedan
Or bendy demon version but I guess cartoon version is good too
DonasGames 2 dagar sedan
i love bendy rip my vbucks
Mohammed Shoaib
Mohammed Shoaib 2 dagar sedan
Lizard 80
Lizard 80 2 dagar sedan
Or it can be cartoon cat
KamiNyx 2 dagar sedan
Whelp another on of my favorite video game characters getting cucked by fortnite
OJ 2 dagar sedan
It's not bendy stop
Secret Agent Karve
Bruh, what year were you born, look up rubber hose animation
Ꝗ Qynz Tankman YT
Bruh- the skin look like Bendy… are u dumb?
Bryant Rasmussen
Bryant Rasmussen 2 dagar sedan
Lina Lokir
Lina Lokir 16 timmar sedan
@Bryant Rasmussen AGREED
Bryant Rasmussen
It's not it's cartoon cat
_xo Frosty
_xo Frosty 2 dagar sedan
JT2010 2 dagar sedan
I have the emote
Knowledge Briscoe
Knowledge Briscoe 2 dagar sedan
When was bendy related to this
BENDY TIKTOK 19 minuter sedan
Ever since the meatly made a comment on a fortnite post on April 24th some ppl wanted bendy but on this toon meowscles post he commented again and roughly all of Twitter demanded or begged for bendy
Ex0tic_Tr0n 2 dagar sedan
Nah that might be micky mouse
Lucy McAngel
Lucy McAngel 2 dagar sedan
That remembered me of that Bendy Royale that was released at April Fools
Lucy McAngel
Lucy McAngel 19 timmar sedan
@Gregory /Gokuz Since that was released I put on mind it wouldn't be serious lol
Gregory /Gokuz
Gregory /Gokuz 19 timmar sedan
Fr i thought it was an actual game coming out but y'know April fools.
SERBIA 1983 19 timmar sedan
Oh my God yea
Secret Agent Karve
So funny
Ryan ArtBoi
Ryan ArtBoi Dag sedan
Ahh I remember that
Imposterbro 2000
Imposterbro 2000 2 dagar sedan
I thought cartoon cat
Korey Goolsby
Korey Goolsby 2 dagar sedan
I got it neymarjr
Tee 2 dagar sedan
Bro I’m telling you meowscles is supposed to be Bendy from that old school show bruh
Prestin Thegamer
Prestin Thegamer 2 dagar sedan
I like shadow
Rexotik Shorts
Rexotik Shorts 2 dagar sedan
Notice how the glove has two lines/dots? So does bendy’s! Coincidence? I THINK NOT
Secret Agent Karve
Its called rubber hose animation Oh cuphead and bendy both have gloves with seems so that audience’s can see there knuckles more easily. That’s rich bud
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez 2 dagar sedan
Every old school cartoon has those lines and gloves
Axis lomintty
Axis lomintty 2 dagar sedan
I really need shoutout and this is why I’ve always wanted a shout out so I could be popular and people knew me I don’t have friends so getting this would get me friends I’ve been in the grind uploading every day even when I’m camping It would mean a lot My work is paying off I can tell cause 4 days ago I joined team axis AxisHQs with 1.68k subs I’m goatee too I respond to all my comments And I support everyone I’m non toxic and yeah That’s why I think I deserve the shout out sooo
Spiderf Cristof
Spiderf Cristof 2 dagar sedan
WOW fortnite x bendy and the ink machine Hahahaha I already know it's not like that, I'm just saying
Elena Vazquez
Elena Vazquez 2 dagar sedan
Actually the meatly/the creator of bendy. Said he whould love the collab with fortnite sow it's possible
Life of brother 5000
Life of brother 5000 2 dagar sedan
Bro im like the number 1 bendy fan.
BENDY TIKTOK 16 minuter sedan
No you ain’t 😏
BENDY KILLS45 Dag sedan
@DonasGames bendy is my favorite totally buying that meowcles
bendy pit
bendy pit 2 dagar sedan
no me
DonasGames 2 dagar sedan
lol me too
Erkan Aksu
Erkan Aksu 2 dagar sedan
Me too bro
Roderick Bradley
Roderick Bradley 2 dagar sedan
Imagine it was cartoon cat
Roderick Bradley
@Secret Agent Karve okay
Secret Agent Karve
Dude, cartoon cat as in the original one from back when animation was being first invented, not to be confused with the Trevor Henderson character
Erkan Aksu
Erkan Aksu 2 dagar sedan
If it would be Cartoon Cat i would be raging
T-Posing Chester
T-Posing Chester 2 dagar sedan
I used to love Bendy and the Ink Machine in 2017
xcvcvccc 23 timmar sedan
yea meto id watch every youtuber
TheDeafAJ90 2 dagar sedan
I think so meow , fishstick and banana comic (ink) classic bundle mighty maybe hope item shop next week update soon
It's cartoon cat
Helpyplaysgames 2 dagar sedan
Uhh it could be season 7
Alexander_hood_29 2 dagar sedan
@Walker Ritter he thinks the skins will be here by next update
Walker Ritter
Walker Ritter 2 dagar sedan
What is your comment saying I can’t understand what is actually saying
ZackC 2 dagar sedan
Chris-olsen rony junior Charles
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Celery 2 dagar sedan
My friend used all of these web apps believing that they were not scams, however only real one is *Spremify*. I hope I saved your time as well.
Celery 2 dagar sedan
@Tokyo I’m not a bot 🤡
Tokyo 2 dagar sedan
Liam Clay
Liam Clay 2 dagar sedan
Is there any thing new ?
Meriwether Fite
Meriwether Fite 2 dagar sedan
5:41 *”this is the thing u need.” 𝐟𝐬𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐬.𝐛𝐮𝐳𝐳 ”Am I right?” 垃圾。Lord*