Prenumerera 54tn
Hi, I make all types of gaming videos that are entertaining and helpful.
Alejandro Lopez
Alejandro Lopez 27 minuter sedan
I have a question do you still the get the 1000 v bucks at the start of the month but you don't pay the crew pack
gangaplayz2002 /
gangaplayz2002 / 35 minuter sedan
Does this work on switch
Swagkingshon Timme sedan
imagine we can go small by doing a built in emote only for 3 secs (hopefully its a built in emote)
w_k3y_ clapz-_-
w_k3y_ clapz-_- 2 timmar sedan
this season didnt feel that long
LordAaronus 2 timmar sedan
we need a mystic themed season with Wanda and Vision skins
potato 3 timmar sedan
Antman is here but Idk peter griffin still in the files but hopefully he could be a secret skin of fornite season 6
epic games
epic games 3 timmar sedan
I have a feeling that when this portal is formed, the Zero Point is going to destabilize a lot more than it currently is.
GrayDoughnut 384
GrayDoughnut 384 3 timmar sedan
João Vitor Sampaio Monteiro
Sorry dude, not gonna happen
CoolBroCarlson 3 timmar sedan
looks like it might be based on the movie
AyaanB 3 timmar sedan
Jaydon Beckles
Jaydon Beckles 3 timmar sedan
Jaydon Beckles
Jaydon Beckles 3 timmar sedan
Creative kid
Creative kid 3 timmar sedan
cordless span2 ps4
cordless span2 ps4 3 timmar sedan
Hop you have had a good day today
cordless span2 ps4
cordless span2 ps4 3 timmar sedan
Joel_kungen123 7 timmar sedan
ok if i buy the crew pack and i cancel the sub do i still get v-bucks, skins pls answer:)
Lewis Brown
Lewis Brown 7 timmar sedan
I just love watching your vids, keep up the amazing work
Joelito 10 timmar sedan
JoeyPlayz 15 timmar sedan
It’s March 4 and my billing date is today, but I haven’t received my 1000 vbucks but I did receive my skin a couple days ago
VeXzy On 120FPS
VeXzy On 120FPS 15 timmar sedan
How mutch is the bundle if I just get the pickaxe
Tristan kozmoz89
Tristan kozmoz89 16 timmar sedan
Mate I made a vid so lazarbeam can say something
The kid gamer11 Ballow
The kid gamer11 Ballow 16 timmar sedan
LH9Q 16 timmar sedan
Taeyoung Yim
Taeyoung Yim 16 timmar sedan
huy huy
huy huy 21 timme sedan
this cheat is already outdated a new cheat with anti aim and anti ban is already on my channel
Babi Lepadatu
Babi Lepadatu 21 timme sedan
I just bough the crew pack on 1 march wil I still get the chapter 2 season 6 battle pass from fornite crew pack ?
PickleDillz 22 timmar sedan
Shika Snow
Shika Snow Dag sedan
it is a sheth
The boy 247
The boy 247 Dag sedan
What if the 10th jonesy is going to be available in a next chapter of fortnite??? Think about it......
If Mations
If Mations Dag sedan
Wait when you buy it, will it bill it straight away?
Adrijana Komal
Adrijana Komal Dag sedan
Hi guys, PLEASE HELP my son would like to have wolverine claws, is there any chance we could get them in season 5 or is it a no go? I really hope it is otherwise he will cry for 1 week🙈
Timmy Forde
Timmy Forde Dag sedan
Can I add you I need a freind
Quan Ta
Quan Ta Dag sedan
So does that mean you buy it with vbucls